During those cold fall and spring days, light insulation and full-arm coverage are just the ticket, as it’s crucial our upper body gets an added boost against the elements. This is where the Spring/Fall LS Skin Layer jumps in, fine-tuned with specific yarns and a female-specific cut to keep you dry, insulated, and as comfortable as possible from the base up.

For those familiar with our iconic Skinfoil base layers, Skin Layer has taken the torch with a completely revamped design and all-new blend of fibers. To start, it’s about 8% lighter than before and uses a Circular Seamless construction, free of irritating side seams. This creates a smooth tubular knit that’s ultrasoft against the skin. A cool-weather-tuned blend of carbon and polypropylene yarns are used, which effectively pulls moisture away from your skin and insulates your core. We also bumped up the neck height by 3cm from the short-sleeve version—just one of many small details we’d like to call out that shows the level of detail we take to tune our base layers to specific conditions.
Circular Seamless: A tubular knit technology that’s free of side seams, creating an ultrasoft, comfortable feel against the body.

Raglan Cut: Sleeve design free of a traditional shoulder seam, continuing up to the neck for greater range of motion.

Composition: 71% polypropylene, 22% polyamide, 4% elastane, 3% carbon fiber

    UMA GT Spring/Fall Half Tights

    Light insulation, full-length coverage, and the perfect fit ensure spring and fall riding is always enjoyed in total comfort.


    UMA GT Spring/Fall Jacket

    The UMA GT Spring/Fall Jacket blends the coverage and comfort of your favorite thermal LS jersey with the wind and water protection afforded by a flexible 3L membrane.


    UMA GT Spring/Fall Airblock Vest

    Highly breathable, seriously protective core coverage for the variable conditions encountered during spring and fall.


    UMA GT Spring Fall Vest

    Whether it’s shielding your core on fast descents or adding a touch of insulation in cool weather, the UMA GT Spring/Fall Vest is one layer you’ll be glad you grabbed before rolling out the door.