Combining five decades of engineering experience and fabric knowledge, with our expertise and dedication to comfort, these baggy mountain bike shorts are perfect for demanding off-road riding. Designed to be worn over the H.rallyBoxer_s7 padded boxer shorts, the H.rallycargoShorts_s7 are relaxed and baggy and form part of our S7 generation of cycling shorts, an industry benchmark in performance and comfort. To fine-tune the fit, we’ve added zips on the waist and legs to allow for flexibility and movement, and a pocket in the front right of the shorts to keeps essentials safe. These baggy mountain bike shorts have been engineered with our hard-wearing StonePine fabric, making them strong, water-repellent and fast drying. The rear panel consists of our super stretch and highly breathable Tech Sheen fabric. As such, the H.rallycargoShorts_s7 will take everything and anything in their stride, wicking away moisture fast, whilst offering sufficient stretch to ensure you never feel restricted, whether you’re cruising the trails, or cruising at altitude. Mesh inserts on the front and rear allow the shorts to breathe, keeping your body's internal microclimate stable, warm and dry, especially when paired with our H.rallyBoxer_S7. Your go-to off-road mountain biking short, designed and engineered for all weathers and all conditions.
S7 generation: the latest generation of ASSOS cycling shorts, employing technology and fabrics engineered over a 5-year period. ASSOS designed front panel, for comfort and stability. Type.498 StonePine: hardwearing, water repellent and fast drying fabric with high-stretch properties. The key to the endurance of these shorts. Type 265 mesh: allows optimal breathability when paired with our H.rallyBoxer_S7. Zips in the waist and legs to fine-tune fit. Essentials pocket. Composition:


    The pinnacle of mountain bike specific high performance jerseys - light, anatomically pre-shaped, and protective.


    SS.skinFoil summer

    Un sous-vêtement skinFoil ASSOS à manches courtes est le vêtement de base idéal pour les sorties estivales à vélo.



    Idéales pour les matins froids, les manchettes ASSOS sont faciles à glisser dans votre poche en cas de température basse.


    ASSOSOIRES Knee Warmer

    Adaptées aux exigences de la prestigieuse équipe de cyclisme BMC Racing, ces genouillères de cyclisme sont idéales pour vous assurer une isolation thermique imperceptible.


    EQUIPE RS Bib Shorts S9

    Le cuissard S9 de la collection Équipe RS, élaboré à partir de six années de développements technologiques et doté de notre insert le plus avancé à l'heure actuelle, ouvre de nouveaux horizons dans le monde du cyclisme : il vous fournit un niveau de stabilité et de confort inégalé lors de vos activités les plus exigeantes en termes de vitesse.