A warm, insulating cycling cap for freezing commutes and cold rides across town, the koenigskroneHelm completes the GTASSOS collection. Based on the design of our innovative, fuguHelm cap, this urban cycling hat is cut and contoured to fit perfectly, whilst looking stylish at all times. Using a panelled construction, the koenigskroneHelm cocoons and envelopes your head and the fabric extends down to the neck and over your ears, to ensure the chill is kept out. The short, dryFast visor keeps wind, rain, sleet and even snow from your eyes and two eyewear position loops above the ears secure optics outside of the koenigskroneHelm, eliminating that chilling gap that results from placing your glasses inside your hat. Smart and clever headgear for the discerning, city cyclist.
● Panel construction for close fit. ● Extended fabric over the neck and ears. ● Two external eyewear position holders ● dryFast Visor. ● Composition: 49% PA, 24% PES, 13% EA, 11% PU, 2% PP, 1% EOL

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