Dubbed ‘the shorts company’ by some, we’ve dedicated four decades and counting to developing cycling kit that performs as well for you as it does for us and TK.tiburuKnicker_S7 are no exception. Employing our latest, S7 generation technology, these spring/fall three-quarter length cycling tights are designed to work perfectly on days when you demand more warmth than just a short but don’t need the bulk of a full-length tight. Engineered from our, proprietary RX Medium fabric, pull on these calf-length cycling tights to experience soft, luxury, thermal insulation and unbeatable climate control. Your perfect partner through those unpredictable shoulder seasons, the tiburu men’s cycling knickers are packed with ASSOS technology and innovative features. A water-and wind-proof panel on the front protects your core and a high-stretch, abrasion resistant panel sits behind the knee to aid freedom of movement. Featuring our lightweight, breathable équipe_S7 insert, with its advanced waffle textile design and ASSOS goldenGate technology (the insert floats, which reduces friction). In our regularFit and featuring our new, wider Y7 frame carrier bib straps, these cycling bib tights offer the ultimate balance between comfort and compression.
S7 generation: the latest generation of ASSOS cycling shorts, employing technology and fabrics engineered over a 5-year period. RX Medium: A medium thermal fabric that is breathable and highly adept at wicking moisture away from your body. regularFit: Less aggressive than our racingFit but more fitted than the comfortFit, our regularFit body mapping design bridges the gap between these two fits and comes in as the ultimate balance between comfort and compression. équipe_S7 insert: A chamois pad offering a deft balance of performance and comfort with 8mm of memory foam. ASSOS goldenGate: A patented technology which augments the performance of the insert by allowing the most fluent movement with the body. ASSOS waffle: A unique three-layer foam used in our inserts with perforations that make it light and highly breathable. Lower Leg design: Our ‘bowling pin’ design moulds to the lower leg and reduces friction to accelerate comfort. RX Light: This fabric has been used behind the knee for freedom of movement. Y7 frame carrier bibTech: A bib redesign that involving using a wider cut of elastic for less pressure on your shoulders, resulting in less friction and more comfort. blasenSchutz: A panel of our highly-breathable, wind-and waterproof Stratagon Ultra material, located to protect the crotch and abdomen to increase comfort and warmth.¬¬ DWR: A hydrophobic, DWR (Durable Water Repellency) treatment that repels water forcing it to bead and run off. bibStabilizer: A stabilizing insert that ensures the bib straps lie flat and don’t bunch. Also serves as a holder for Zegho sunglasses. COMPOSITION: 59% PA, 21% PL, 20% EA